Grant Policy Guidelines


The Bridle Bash Foundation is a group dedicated to providing financial support to registered Canadian charities that focus on health research, treatment and support for adults and children. Our goal is to raise money to assist various charities through fundraising events and generous donations. Our philosophy is to utilize the valuable expertise of volunteers who wish to donate their time and knowledge. We operate at minimal cost to maximize the funds that we make available to our selected eligible charities.

The Bridle Bash Foundation receives more requests each year than can be granted, as such, certain criteria has been established to help decide where funds may be most effectively utilized.  Each grant applicant to The Bridle Bash Foundation will be evaluated based on their program and clients it serves, the services it offers, the quality of its management, and their financing and fund-raising practices.

The Bridle Bash Foundation does NOT consider the following for funding:

  • Organizations without a registered charity number
  • Organizations that discriminate by race, religion, color, creed, sex, age or national origin
  • Individuals
  • Advertising for benefit purposes
  • Religious or sectarian organizations unless engaged in a significant project benefiting the entire community, not just members of the religious group.

As a general rule, funding for each grant is awarded in amounts up to a maximum of one third of dollars raised that calendar year. A Grants Committee meets regularly to decide which charities will be allocated grants. Grants are not awarded for start-up organizations.  Organizations must demonstrate the ability to realize their mission by demonstrating viability and long-term stability (i.e., broad based funding and ability to leverage other sources of revenue). Only one request per year will be accepted from a grant applicant.

Grantees will be required to provide progress reports to The Bridle Bash Foundation. In addition, a final report detailing the expenditure and outcomes of the grant must be submitted to The Bridle Bash Foundation. Grantees can reapply for a new grant one year after initial application, following favorable review of their final report. In the event the grantee ceases to operate or becomes insolvent, all unused Bridle Bash Foundation grant money shall be immediately remitted to The Bridle Bash Foundation.

Potential applicants must send in a 2-3 page letter request stating their organizational mission and background, a brief outline of the proposed program’s goals, and the amount of their request.  Upon approval of the letter request, The Bridle Bash Foundation will then mail or email the applicant a copy of the most recent forms for completion. Please submit your letter to:

The Bridle Bash Foundation, Attn: Grants Department
42 The Bridle Path
Toronto, Ontario
M2L 1C8


For grant consideration from The Bridle Bash Foundation, an application must be submitted according to the above guidelines.  The Grants Committee will review all applications and documentation to ensure that they are consistent with the Foundation’s goals and that they meet the eligibility criteria and application requirements listed previously.

If you have any questions about the above guidelines please contact