Foundation FAQ’s

Is the Foundation a non-profit organization?
Yes the Bridle Bash Foundation is a registered Canadian Charity.

Q     How can I make a donation?

A The easiest way to make donations is through this website.
Donations can be made at any time for any amount or occasion (ie. in lieu of gift, in honour of, in memory, etc)

Q     Do donations made directly to The Bridle Bash Foundation will receive a tax receipt

A Depending on the event, individual ticket purchases may be eligible to receive a tax receipt for a portion of the ticket price. Sponsors and other corporate contributors will be provided with a business gift letter as proof of contribution when appropriate.

Q     I have heard so much about The Bridle Bash Foundation’s philosophy.  Is it true most of the expenses are absorbed through donations and people donating their time?

A Yes.  What makes our Foundation unique is that all involved donate their time and expertise.  Our philosophy has always been to source many options so the end result yields the maximum amount of money available for donation to our recipient charities.

Q     I already support many other charities and can’t afford to give anymore, how can I help?

A Please help support The Bridle Bash Foundation with your time.  Time is equally as important as financial support!
Please review our volunteer committees Dora put in a link to the volunteer committees here. If any of these items are of interest to you please email [email protected]

Q     I have a great idea for an event that I would like to organize, what do I do?

A If you would like to organize an event in support of The Bridle Bash Foundation, we will meet with you informally to ensure that you are familiar with the philosophy and mandate of the Foundation.   After that, if you wish to proceed we will forward you our Community Event Agreement Forms.

Q   My kids have a great idea for a fund raising event, can they help?

A If your kids have an idea for a fundraising event that they would like to organize, terrific! This is a great way to help your kids learn about philanthropy.  Once again, make sure that you liaise with someone within the Foundation prior to embarking on the endeavour.