The Bridle Bash Foundation believes in placing an emphasis on philanthropy, fun, participation, and inclusion.  Organizing and participating in our events are moments that families and friends share; these moments help to weave the generations together.  We believe that the Foundation is a wonderful model of charity and a great tool for educating our children about philanthropy.

Our guiding principle is to operate at minimal cost to maximize the funds that we make available to our selected eligible charities. Our philosophy is to utilize the valuable expertise of volunteers who wish to donate their time and knowledge. The Bridle Bash Foundation volunteers oversee the day-to-day administration and management of our Foundation; there are no salaried positions and all legal and accounting services are provided at no cost. We are proud to announce that over time in excess of 3 million dollars has been raised with the proceeds donated to various registered charities that focus on health research, treatment and support for adults and children.