About Us

We are an idea in the process of being realized.” We are young and old, we are humble yet giving. Over our history, we have raised over 6 million dollars. The Bridle Bash Foundation volunteers oversee the day-to-day administration and management of our Foundation;  there are no salaried positions and all legal and accounting services are provided at no cost.  We are accountants and dentists; We are labourers and single parents. We are the new, in what’s new when it comes to being volunteers We believes in placing an emphasis on philanthropy, fun, participation and inclusion. Organizing and participating in our events are moments that families and friends share; these moments help to weave the generations together.

We are a registered Canadian charity.

You can see our status here.

Throughout our existence The Foundation has incurred zero dollars in admin cost. We all work for FREE We are The Bridle Bash Foundation.

To our new faces and old we look forward to showing you all, our wonderful world we call The Bridle Bash Foundation.