Our Initiatives

We are a grassroots community fundraising organization established by a group of friends who are passionate about volunteering and fundraising. We are dedicated to providing financial support to charities that focus on health research, treatment and support. The Bridle Bash Foundation is made up entirely of volunteers who manage its day-to-day administration; there are no salaried positions, no overhead, and all legal and accounting services are provided at no cost! To date we have raised over 5 million dollars and have donated to targeted projects in 25 charities.

Click here for a listing of initiatives funded to date.

One of the deserving projects aligned with this year’s Bridle Bash is The Canadian Centre for Diversity’s Peer Leadership Network. This program addresses bullying in a proactive and systematic manner, employing both peer leaders and school wide initiatives, to change acceptable culture within the school setting and beyond.

As well, through this year’s fundraising initiatives, the Bridle Bash Foundation will be providing funding to a ground breaking Breast Cancer Research Project occurring at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Thirdly, a portion of the proceeds from Bridle Bash V will be supporting the Red Door Family Shelter. Specifically our donation will be directed towards the operation of their Food Bank – a crucial service offered to families as they make the critical transition into stable and permanent independence. It is available to ex-residents of the Shelter who are in financial need.

The Bridle Bash Foundation is very proud to be lending its support to these causes.