The TLC Committee

The Bridle Bash Foundation has formed a new committee; the TLC (Tender Loving Care) Committee.  Our goal is “to provide service, support, and compassion to any member (or family member) of our organization who is facing a life-challenging diagnosis”.  The role of the TLC Committee is to provide this continuing resource as needed.

Rather than a prescriptive approach, our approach is “How can we help you?” and “What do you need?”  This help can range from driving someone’s child to hockey to  grocery shopping, making soup, carpooling, bedside reading, providing booklists, providing formal palliative care assistance, providing a directory of support organizations in the community, and everything in between.

If you would like to volunteer for this committee and/or require the resources of this committee, please contact Adrienne Cooperband at [email protected]  My telephone number is (416)636-9608.