BBIV Charities Announced!

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With the fourth Bridle Bash it seems that not only is the party getting better and better, but the fundraising is getting better and better.

The first party was a donation. The second party included more thoughtful donating. By the third party, more money was raised and additional effort went to making the effects of the money even greater. With the fourth party, BBF is now a registered charity and has gone further in how it helps people with the money we raise.

BBF has always taken great pride in being able to raise money through our own efforts. I wouldn’t even say through volunteers. it has been us, not some people who showed up one day. This means that, compared to most charities, more money goes to helping people.

I think we can also take great pride in how we are helping with the money we raise. This year a significant effort was made to reach out to a wide range of possible causes, all within our mandate of helping with Canadian Health issues. We invited these groups to let us know how we could best help them. We asked these causes to let us know what they could do with an extra $20,000, $50,000 or $100,000. We were blown away with what they came back with.

So we carefully reviewed their ideas and from a large number of great opportunities, we are very pleased to share with you all that with the money raised at BBIV we will proudly be helping the following:

1. GIANT STEPS is a school and therapy centre for kids with autism.  The Bridle Bash Foundation will establish a unique autism-friendly library and resource centre. Space will include work areas, a listening centre (CD player, iPods), touch-screen computers, books, TV/DVD player, and a lending library of computerized augmentative communication devices for non-verbal children. The library will be named in honour of The Bridle Bash Foundation.

2. MOUNT SINAI HOSPITAL. The Bridle Bash Foundation Neonatal Resuscitation Bay will be an important part of Mount Sinai’s new state-of-the art Centre for Women’s and Infants’ Health. Situated in a triage centre The Bay will accommodate deliveries that progress so quick that there is not enough time to transfer to Labour and Delivery. The Bridle Bash Foundation Neonatal Resuscitation Bay will be equipped with an over-the-bed warmer and other resuscitation and monitoring equipment.

3. REENA FOUNDATION. Reena develops and provides community services for people who have developmental disabilities. The Bridle Bash Foundation’s donation will support an afterschool program for the entire year. The program will provide life and social skills training for the children enrolled, as well as respite support for the families coping with the 24/7 demands of caring for a child with a developmental disability.

4. JUVENILE DIABETES RESEARCH FOUNDATION is the leading charitable funder and advocate of diabetes research in the world. Your donation will go towards clinical trials related to JDRF’s “artificial pancreas project”, which will help speed the development and approval of automated systems for people with diabetes.  Every dollar of our donation will be matched by 2 dollars from the Government of Canada.

Over the next little while we will be sharing more of the stories behind these charities. We hope this all makes you as happy and proud as it does us!

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The Bridle Bash Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to providing financial support to Canadian charities that focus on health research, treatment and support for adults and children. The Bridle Bash Foundation is made up entirely of volunteers who manage its day-to-day operations, management and accounting.
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One Response to “BBIV Charities Announced!”

  1. marnie salsky says:

    Great choices! Did you know that every dollar of our donation to JDRF will be matched by 2 dollars from the Government of Canada!