The date for BBIV is announced. Let the speculation begin!

Mar 27, 2010 3 Comments by

UPDATE: The details are all in here. Buy tickets now!

The date has been announced! Saturday, August 7th will be date for Bridle Bash IV (we have decided to use roman numerals because it is more like the Super Bowl than anything else).

The biggest bi-annual party in the city has now picked a date and that means a few things. Plan your summer vacations accordingly, make sure your kids are either at camp or that you make arrangements with the grandparents now, start thinking about corporate sponsorships and, most importantly start wondering who the band will be. Interesting  about couches for under 200 - read more here.

For most people the most enjoyable of the BB acts was the spectacular Burton Cummings show of 2006. Who will it be this time? A living Beatles reunion? Bruce Springsteen? Elvis back from the dead? Make sure you share your thoughts in the comments!

Also make sure you visit the Facebook event page and let us know if you are planning on attending!

Make sure you check back for more information which will be coming SOON!

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The Bridle Bash Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to providing financial support to Canadian charities that focus on health research, treatment and support for adults and children. The Bridle Bash Foundation is made up entirely of volunteers who manage its day-to-day operations, management and accounting.
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3 Responses to “The date for BBIV is announced. Let the speculation begin!”

  1. enoss says:

    While I am not sure, my guess is that Lorne and Russ will somehow manage to get either the Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin.

    I know whoever it will be, it will be fun!

  2. curious says:

    How do we get tickets for Bridal Bash IV????

  3. admin says:

    just go here