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Bridle Bash Venue Ready to Go….

Aug 04, 2010 Comments Off

All systems are a go for the party this Saturday. We’re just putting the finishing touches to make sure your arrival for party goes perfect. A reminder to dress casual and be on time for show. Concert begins at 9PM Sharp. Arrive on time so you won’t be disappointed. Bridle Bash IV is well on [...]

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The Auction is Live!

Aug 02, 2010 Comments Off

The BBIV Charity Auction is now live! There are some fantastic items this year. It is clearly the best BBF Auction ever! There are some amazing ways to treat yourself as a couple, some fantastic luxury items that are sure to provide a real bargain and some very practical, very valuable items that most of [...]

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The party is coming soon. Will Marnie be ready?

Jul 25, 2010 Comments Off

We are just two weeks away from BBF IV. We all know Lorne and Marnie are building a new house JUST for the occasion. We also know how difficult it can be to co-ordinate contractors, the city, permissions and all the little bits that go into a new home. Let’s see how things are going.

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BBF 3rd Annual Softball Tournament

Jul 16, 2010 Comments Off

“Hitting the ball was easy. Running around the bases was the tough part.” Mickey Mantle The stage is set for our 3rd Annual BBF Softball Tournament. This year’s tourney will feature four women’s and eight men’s teams all going to bat for The Foundation. To all our family, friends and foundation supporters, you are all [...]

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Party Details Announced!

Jun 23, 2010 Comments Off

The party details announced! Burton Cummings is back and looking forward to be even better than last time. The party website is here. To buy tickets go here. Also, take a look at personal fund raising and sign up to experience a different way to raise money.

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BBIV Charities Announced!

Jun 13, 2010 1 Comment

With the fourth Bridle Bash it seems that not only is the party getting better and better, but the fundraising is getting better and better. The first party was a donation. The second party included more thoughtful donating. By the third party, more money was raised and additional effort went to making the effects of [...]

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Hockey Tournament Wrapup

Apr 12, 2010 Comments Off

The late Foster Hewitt coined the phrase “he shoots, he scores.” When The Bridle Bash Foundation came looking for participants, volunteers and sponsors for their 1st Annual, Boyz in The Hood Hockey Tournament, the goals came in bunches. Everybody who participated came out a winner…everybody scored a hat trick. The event took place at The [...]

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The date for BBIV is announced. Let the speculation begin!

Mar 27, 2010 3 Comments

The date for BBIV is announced. Let the speculation begin!

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Announcing the TLC!

Mar 27, 2010 Comments Off

Last week a new BBF effort was announced, TLC. This is being led by Adrienne Cooperbrand in a great example of how philanthropy should be about time and effort as much as money. Adrienne, with the help of anyone interested in helping her, intends to provide that extra bit of help for anyone in the [...]

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BBF mention in eSinai

Feb 02, 2010 Comments Off

  A great article on BBF in today’s eSinai newsletter. All of our “caretakers” were quoted and they did us all proud with their comments. The story is also worth reading as it gives some insight into the good works that some of the BBF money is going towards.

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